Current Opportunities:
2 Construction Managers/Consultants: Bay Area
      - Electric transmission line installation & replacement
2 Project Consulting Managers: Chicago Area
      - HV 
transmission lines

Old fashioned Values.  New Fashioned Innovation
Our Word is our Bond

When we start a project, we go full speed to complete it professionally and thoroughly. We know precisely what to do, how to do it and what our customers need.  Always transparent, we also keep our customers in the loop. “No surprises” means we keep you abreast of developments as they occur.

We understand what’s at stake, and we take our job seriously. Lives may depend on whether we perform our tasks correctly and accurately. So, cutting corners in not in our game plan.  Our customers can trust the information we provide and can be assured that we performed all tasks properly.  These are the core values we bring to the market: safety, honesty, integrity, professionalism, directness, agility, and thoroughness.

Field Service Capabilities

Electrical Detection:  Even the best maintained electrical distribution systems are susceptible to hazardous voltage conditions due to third-party damage, motor vehicle accidents, construction mishaps, utility service theft, damaged junction boxes and vandalism.  For safety reasons, many electric utilities are taking proactive steps to survey voltage potential on electrical distribution system components and other utility infrastructure. According to some reports, one in 337 light poles requires some form of remediation. 

Gas leakage surveys
: When our technicians perform leak surveys, they’re armed with the latest technologies, tools and training. And their mission is to complete tasks as if their own families’ lives depended on them.  

  • CES-US technicians:
    • - Conduct business and residential area surveys
    • - Survey transmission lines
    • - Monitor gathering systems
    • - Check for pressure increases
    • - Perform surveys ahead of paving
    • - Review winter/frost conditions
    • - Perform general risk assessments
    • - Conduct re-checks and re-evaluations
    • - Perform miscellaneous safety inspections 
  • Corrosion surveys: Over time, various equipment and infrastructure will deteriorate and corrode.
    Southern Cross technicians perform a wide array of tests for:
    • - Atmospheric corrosion
    • - Annual corrosion
    • - Isolated pipe segment corrosion 
  • Valve inspections: All valves are subject to close visual inspections 
  • Odorant testing: Using the latest specialty equipment, Southern Cross technicians conduct odorant testing, identifying the gas type and range within 0.04% to 1.2 % 
  • Pipeline markers: Whether to replace marker decals or to install new markers along a specific route, Southern Cross technicians perform both initiatives.
  • DIMP Compliance Initiatives: The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued a final rule in December 2009 concerning distribution integrity management programs (DIMP) for natural gas companies. Created to enhance safety, DIMP requires companies take a “risk-based” approach to pipeline safety rather than a “prescriptive” approach. DIMP will have far reaching implications in the pipeline safety arena.

ence Counts

A service company is no better than the people it employs AND deploys. At CES-US we emplo
a rigorous training and qualification program that tests every aspect of an individual’s capacity to effectively perform the tasks required. We test all candidates both in the classroom and in the field to ensure that all survey work is performed only by exceptionally qualified individuals. But we don’t stop there.

We conduct field audits on a routine basis of every technician. In addition, we apply sophisticated metrics to measure the expected performance of technicians and immediately dispatch another technician should actual results differ from projections.  As with any reputable quality control initiative, we also leverage proprietary technologies to track technicians and verify results. 

What this all adds up to is a well-trained team of seasoned professionals that operate in an “eyes up” fashion. Trained to spot issues others miss, we offer a broad range of ancillary services which comport with our core services. For customers, our “eyes up” approach is a significant value add.


      Eufard "Ford" L. Cooper, Jr.
      President & CEO
      CES Utility Solutions

CES Utility Solutions is 51% owned by Cooper Energy Solutions – a company wholly owned by Eufard “Ford” L. Cooper, Jr. and his wife Delrine D. Cooper.  Cooper Energy Solutions is the majority owner and managing member of CES Utility Solutions and is led by Eufard “Ford” Cooper, Jr. who serves as President and CEO.

Mr. Cooper is a native of New Jersey and earned his Baccalaureate and Masters Degrees from The Pennsylvania State University having matriculated there via a full Football Scholarship.  A scholar athlete, Mr. Cooper earned an academic fellowship to pursue his Masters in Business Administration - Finance.  Ford’s professional background includes various leadership positions with companies like Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corp., Enron Energy Services, Johnson Controls, Inc., Environmental Credit Corp., and Insituform Technologies. 

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