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ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING (STAFFING) - Through an ever increasing pool of seasoned and talented professionals, CES offers and provides clients an array of owners representation, project management, project engineering, and project control solutions. 

INTEGRITY - Deploying just the right mix of professional technicians, technology and time-tested processes, CES-US can rapidly address any pipeline safety or integrity asessment needs.

FIELD SERVICES - With the deployment of new technologies like AMR and the remediation of older existing meters, gas and electric utilities retain CES-US to enhance their remote field services.

COMPLIANCE & REPORTING - To improve quality, utilities and other companies rely on CES-US services and technologies for remote workforce monitoring, rapid data analysis and validation of field audits.

POWER SERVICES - Electric utilities depend on CES-US to survey voltage potential on electrical distribution system components and remediate those needing repair.

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