Safety First

For CES we can honestly say safety comes first above all else. Both for our crews, but also for our clients and their customers. Flying drones in T&D wired environments, often around dense vegetation, requires skill and close attention. Accidents happen when speed and complacency are traded for attention to detail and clear line of sight movements.


We work with our clients to meet any safety requirements and concerns they may have specific to their situation. Our crews do not play loose with the rules, we make sure that all inspections are completed following all standard operating procedures. When new risks and safety hazards present themselves, our crews have several years’ experience to quickly to address the situation and mitigate risk. CES constantly reviews any new risk and concerns brought as environments and situations change throughout our projects.


In the unfortunate event of an accident or near miss, we maintain an open dialogue to share information. Clear and immediate reporting helps us grow and learn how to better mitigate risks in the future and identify steps that can be taken to present it in the future. Supplying clear reports and findings to our clients and their vendors, as well as learning from other vendors and projects has been invaluable for CES maintaining its excellent safety record.

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